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Examples of poker face in a Sentence. Harold Feld:. Granted everyone would like to see signs one way or the other, but I think that this is mostly the chairman putting up a Washington poker face, Chairman Wheeler has learned that on net neutrality he has to tow a very careful line and all of his statements are very carefully neutral.

psych scheme cards Flashcards | Quizlet The term "poker face" describes a person's ability to hold a very good hand in a card game without letting other players know it by his facial expression. According to the facial feedback theory, the "poker faced" player will: Lady Gaga – Poker Face Lyrics | Genius Lyrics Poker Face Lyrics: Mum mum mum mah / Mum mum mum mah / Mum mum mum mah / Mum mum mum mah / Mum mum mum mah / I wanna hold 'em like they do in Texas, please / Fold 'em, let 'em hit me, raise it; baby poker face - Wiktionary poker face (plural poker faces) An impassive facial expression cultivated to prevent other players from determining whether one's actions in the game are the result of a quality hand, or of bluffing. Though he thought he had a perfect poker face, he had a number of tells his opponents soon learned.

Of course, if no other player chooses to open, the betting will be checked around and the play will have failed to elicit additional money for the pot.

Over the years poker has accumulated a number of unique words and phrases, known as poker ... close to your chest, I'll call that bluff, I'd rather be lucky than good, and he's got a real poker face. ... A side pot is created for the other players. The Anatomy of a Poker Face - Wellness, Disease Prevention, And ... (On the other hand, maybe cats almost have the poker face figured out.) ... That cognitive reappraisal helped her pull off the poker face instead of bursting into tears. .... Meaning Depends Upon Context, Egos Make Up All The Meanings & The ...

Face Card Definition - what does the term face card mean in poker? What is meant by the term face card?

How to have a good poker face? What's the value of a good poker With two Cash Game Festival summer stops ahead of us, we started thinking about poker face. Not about Lady Gaga's "Poker Face", although it is an epic piece of work, but the face you put up at poker tables when you try your hardest not to …

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